1. 03:30 11th Sep 2014

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    ohlookitshaley1 said: Your posts are absolutely amazing, Whats ur frankly.me username. I want more of you.

    I have no idea what that is….

  2. How does the Onion always put out articles on the topic right at the beginning of the year unless they track the topic?

  3. 20:56 1st Sep 2014

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    Anonymous said: I read that you were going to China, congrats! Where in China?

    I’m directing a new program in Shanghai that my school opened up. Right now, they’re just learning fundamentals to speech and debate. Hopefully, we’ll have them ready to compete in PF (Policy is not popular here for obvious reasons) by next year.  Got some kids who have really great potential for debate.

  4. 00:30 27th Aug 2014

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    Anonymous said: anyone can coach debate lol i coach debate lol this blog is worthless lmmmmaaaooooo

  5. 11:27 26th Aug 2014

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    shinji-kun69-deactivated2014090 said: I know you said this wasn't an advice blog, but I noticed you said you coach debate? I'm president of my school's speech and debate club this coming year and my school has never been to tournament or anything and I'd really like to see them go this year. Do you have any suggestions for how to prepare them for it? I would really appreciate it.

    go read the archives and find the 99 other times people have asked me this. NEXT QUESTION

  6. 11:24

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    Anonymous said: Hi I'm an LD debater and I'm trying to run an orientalism kritik with narratives and stuff (also a Muslim), but I don't really know what to say to hella intense framework cases. I know fypd is mostly humor stuff, but could you help me/ direct me to a good ld forum - I just felt that this K would be more discussed in CX because I've never heard of an LDer who ran it. Thanks

    one time I was teaching about orientalism in my policy debate classes and one of my debaters who is wont to make bad puns actually made a good one when he mentioned that it was “disorienting” and HAHA DID YOU NOT REALIZE THIS IS A COMEDY BLOG AHAHHAAHAHA

  7. 11:22

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    Anonymous said: My team writes ev for our novices cuz they're dumb and one them labeled a file the table of contents neg cause "those were the first words!!" 😩😩

  8. 11:11

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    codgirl98 said: I don't know if I'm allowed to do this, but here's a pretty funny story: My freshman year was transportation infrastructure. It was one if my first tournaments. I was the neg against highways, so I made a joke to start my constructive. I'm a total clutz, so I tripped on my shoes, hit my head on a podium, and subsequently knocked myself out.

    Sounds like you had a white person in an infomercial moment

  9. nothing-of-substance said: Just wondering if you could point me in the right direction for some stuff on Baudrillard and space, as in universe/galaxy space. Be it a borges story or baudrillard himself, etc. I have a ton of Baudrillard cards I've been making/collecting, but I just wanted to know if you had anything that is a must have and would be willing to give me cites. If you want more info on what I plan(still pretty abstract) I will gladly tell you all. Thank you for any help.

  10. The last thing Zizek needs is more coke…

    The last thing Zizek needs is more coke…

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